We at Gwizhii adopt a hand-hold approach to guide you through your crisis situations
We are excited to begin our journey together, We follow a 4 Step integrated yet simple process to cater to your interpersonal, professional & cognitive needs.


We at snowshoe learning believe that reaching out to an external partner for a third eye perspective is the first step towards reaching any resolution. Finding the right partner who comes with a detailed eye and an empathic view is the most critical thing in any conflict ridden situation. If you’re someone who is looking for better conflict resolutions, penetrating deeper into understanding the causes of conflicts, Trauma-Informed Practices, Trauma-Informed Dispute Resolutions, Syncing more with your inner world & using your experience constructively to drive better interpersonal connections, then we can be of immense help to you.


In order to have a deeper understanding of your organisation’s goals and policies, we match you with one of our team members. We believe in understanding first and finding a synergy of thinking as the crucial requirement before we at snowshoe learning take up any requirement.
We schedule either a one-to-one online meet with the concerned person or a personal meet, whichever is preferable to you. We share in all the necessary details about our services, our working framework, our goals and visions and how all these efforts summed up, will cater to every big-small needs and requirements of yours.


As we move forward on our journey of creating a synergy. We dive into creating the unique pointers and relevant strategies with a detailed plans of action for meeting your desired goal.

This is the stage where we undergo brainstorming sessions with you, put together a plan and make relevant and goal targeted recommendations.


Powered with all this unique information, we are ready to create a proposal. Once you confirm the details, and we receive your approval on the proposal, we continue our journey together.